The Active Charging Station is made up of 5 super-comfortable, easy-to-ride, and completely quiet stationary bikes that have been cleverly modified to charge mobile devices. To begin charging their devices, participants must start pedaling! Since the bikes of this station are arranged in a circle, it becomes a privileged place of exchange and networking, making it useful, healthy and pleasant!

In which contexts do we use the Active Charging Station?

Thanks to its terrific look, its functional aspect and its networking possibilities, the Active Charging Station will certainly create a great enthusiasm for the participants in a wide variety of contexts:

  •  Happy hours ;

  • During conferences (the station can be positioned in the back of the room – bicycles facing the speaker) ;

  • Coffee break at a convention, business or strategic meetings ;

  • To energize a Trade Show ;

  • In a hotel or business center lobby ;

  • … and more !

Good to know

Our mobile devices are now an integral part of our personal and professional lives and literally follow us everywhere. They contain our contacts, our agendas, our current and future projects and they allow us to stay in touch with the outside world no matter where we are. But, to be useful, they need to be recharged!

According to a report released by the Rogers company, two out of three people would admit to feeling deprived as soon as they are disconnected. In extreme cases, this anxiety has even generated a whole new word: nomophobia (No Mobile Phobia) … the fear of not having your cell phone and missing something important.

In addition, we have known for a long time that the practice of physical activity is a natural remedy that has proven itself against stress, thanks to the production of endorphin by the brain.

We have remedied this situation by creating an active charging station, which not only recharges mobile devices, but also provides an active networking opportunity.

Also Available

Popcorn Bike

The Popcorn Bike is an absolutely unique popcorn machine powered by human energy. With pedals located at chest height, participants can pedal with their arms and produce the electricity needed to make their delicious healthy popcorn.

Smoothie Bike

This OXYGEN break stands out especially with its original and fresh character! The smoothie bike is actually a stationary bike on which a mixer whose electric part was removed is attached. So, the source of energy comes from the bike… and of course users! If they pedal fast and long enough, then the energy necessary to make a delicious smoothie is obtained!

Team Building

Looking for an active and unifying event to strengthen ties between members of your organization?
Whether just for a few hours or a full day, allow your employees to push their physical limits all while building team spirit in an exhilarating atmosphere !