The Spin’N Pop is an absolutely unique popcorn machine powered by human energy. With pedals located at chest height, participants can pedal with their arms and produce the electricity needed to make their delicious healthy popcorn.
Thanks to its unique and festive character, the Spin’N Pop animations always create a lot of enthusiasm for participants, whether it’s offered in a « circuit » mode or in a “happy hour” formula. In addition, our popcorn is a healthy snack as it is made from canola oil and homemade seasonings.

Two types of activations available


Our team challenges you to participate in a wild obstacle race to collect the corn kernels needed to make popcorn. But beware! The popcorn machine used is far from conventional! It is powered by human energy. Will you be able to jump, pedal and deploy enough energy to reach your goals?
Our Spin’n Pop circuits can be installed indoors or outdoors and are always accompanied by a festive musical atmosphere and a thunderous animation!





Bring a breath of novelty and madness to your event by integrating our Spin’N Pop activation into your programming. During this explosive activity,, participants will have to team up to pop their popcorn. Indeed, while some will be busy pedaling to generate the energy needed to burst the popcorn, others will play the role of supporters by jumping on a trampoline! What better way to attract the attention and interest of visitors during your event?
This activity can be held indoors and outdoors and of course accompanied by a dynamic professional animation and a boosted atmosphere!




Our SPIN’N POP activations include:

  • Spin’N Pop rental + activity material
  • Energetic crew
  • Transport
  • Corn kernels, canola oil, homemade seasoning, paper bags

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