Need to recharge your batteries? Whether through the welfare experienced during a morning yoga session or through the reassuring wellness provided by a chair massage, trust our team to give back to your participants all the energy they need to carry out their day.


 Morning Yoga 

Start your day off on the right foot ! Prepare your mind and body for a long day of work with a morning yoga class that will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on any task.



 Chair Massage  

Prolonged maintenance of static postures often leads to muscle tension and physical discomfort. Enjoy the professional services of our massage therapists to restore vitality and energy to your valued delegates.


Also available

Team Building

Looking for an active and unifying event to strengthen ties between members of your organization?
Whether just for a few hours or a full day, allow your employees to push their physical limits all while building team spirit in an exhilarating atmosphere !

Smoothie Bike

This OXYGEN break stands out especially with its original and fresh character! The smoothie bike is actually a stationary bike on which a mixer whose electric part was removed is attached. So, the source of energy comes from the bike… and of course users! If they pedal fast and long enough, then the energy necessary to make a delicious smoothie is obtained!

Active Breaks

Looking to increase productivity during your meetings and professional training classes ? Let us add a little pep to your daily agenda with quick, physically energizing breaks that help employees/attendees maintain a higher level of concentration and productivity.