Looking for an active and unifying event to strengthen ties between members of your organization?

Whether just for a few hours or a full day, allow your employees/attendees to push their physical limits all while building team spirit in an exhilarating atmosphere! Challenge us to adapt our concept to your reality and colour.

Our team building activities involve physical effort, but they focus on fun and support rather than performance. Thanks to fun and original concepts and the use of preparatory videos, we are able to immerse participants in our creative concepts, stimulate their interest and achieve impressive participation rates! Collaboration, mutual help and healthy competition, that’s what drives us!

We offer teambuilding activities that can be adapted to groups ranging from 10 to 500 participants, and we can meet your needs all year-round!

  • Context:

  • Groups of 10 to 500 people;

  • Offered year-round;

  • Turnkey concepts.

Our secret:

Among our distinctive brands, a personalized video presenting the team building concept is sent to the organization a few days before the event in order to create excitement among participants.

Here’s an example of a video we prepared for a client (SSQ Insurance) who was about to experience our « Winter Survival » team building activity.

Here is another example of a preparatory video that was sent to the employees of MALLETTE, who were getting warmed up for their second team building activity with us under the theme REVENGE.

Activities adapted to your reality

Whatever the size of your group, the time or the place you have, we certainly have a concept to offer. Would you like to propose an indoor teambuilding activity for your group? Our Pixel’ART UV activity might interest you!

Also available

Popcorn Bike

The Popcorn Bike is an absolutely unique popcorn machine powered by human energy. With pedals located at chest height, participants can pedal with their arms and produce the electricity needed to make their delicious healthy popcorn.

Smoothie Bike

Our smoothie bike is a stationary bike on which has been attached a mixer whose electrical part has been removed. The energy source therefore comes from the bicycle … and of course from its user! If you can pedal quickly and long enough, you get the energy you need to make a delicious smoothie!

Active Breaks

Would you like to increase the productivity of your meetings and professional training? Let us sprinkle short active interventions on your agenda that will help maintain a high level of attention among your valued employees.