Active Virtual Breaks

A VIRTUAL active experience that brings us CLOSER!

Our virtual active breaks have been specifically designed to assist team leaders and organizers of virtual events and conventions. Lasting 15 to 20 minutes, these breaks allow employees, participants and attendees to gather around a unifying, active and positive activity. Our active virtual breaks are a great way to thank your team/participants for being so resilient and adaptable in these times of social distancing and home-working.

Auto-Massage Break

With the hectic life we lead, it is sometimes difficult to evacuate the muscular tensions of everyday life. Static postures, repetitive movements and stress are often the causes of these discomforts. This 20-minute self-massage break will allow you to relieve your muscular tensions due to stress and bad postures and will help increase your vitality.

Chair Yoga Break

Give your employees and guests a break to help them refocus during this unusual and challenging time. Yoga is within everyone’s reach and can be practiced anywhere… even in the context of telecommuting or virtual conferences! The effects will be all the more beneficial if the session takes place in the morning; it will allow your audience to start their day on the right foot, to have a sharper mind and thus, to continue their day with more energy.

Exotic Break

Give yourself a break and put some color and craziness in the middle of your virtual business meeting.
Take an exotic trip during this ACTIVE Pause with tropical accents. Under the tunes of tropical music and a few dance steps, let yourself be transported to a place where the sun rules and a smile clings to your lips! Follow the rhythm of our wild Zumba instructor!