With today’s remote work reality, employers and team leaders often seek ways to reestablish or strenghten bonds between employees, and in our experience, the best recipe can be summed up in 3 words: collaboration, fun… and sun! With workers spending countless hours motionless in a series of daily vitrual meetings, you surely don’t want your virtual teambuilding to be just “another ZOOM meeting”! Or if your goal is to create something different, memorable and fun for your team, you might want to reconsider all those mind racking solutions that primarily focus on mental capacities, observation and deduction. That’s why we will always try to find hybrid solutions that combine communication technologies, quizz and riddles and outdoor challenges.


What is a virtual teambuilding ?

A virtual team building is an activity that uses technology to virtually bring together employees who work remotely in order to create bonds between them around a fun, collaborative and unifying event. For us, this technological solution does not mean that your staff will have to remain behind their computer screens, on the contrary! Our virtual team building activities are designed to get your teams to cooperate while being physically ACTIVE and even enjoying the sun!

Why offer a team building activity for teams working remotely?

In these times of “forced” remote work, it is not easy for business leaders and human resources departments to maintain a good level of commitment from their team members, and even more difficult to maintain a good cohesion between them.

In addition, according to a recent study conducted by Laval University in May 2020 in connection with the situation of the coronavirus pandemic, 48% of Quebec workers would suffer from a high level of psychological distress, which is characterized in particular by sleeping problems and decreased work performance. These results illustrate the importance of finding ways to bring work teams together with positive, social and fun activities.

6 reasons why you should organize team building activities for your employees

  1. Foster belonging in the workplace
  2. Contribute to breaking the social isolation and psychological distress that can be experienced by employees in remote work situations
  3. Improve employee engagement
  4. Create strong and memorable corporate memories
  5. Allow your employees to rediscover themselves in a non-professional context
  6. Strengthen the bonds within your team

What is the difference between a virtual team building and a hybrid team building?

When the conditions allow it, and in accordance with the social distancing standards, it may be possible to combine the technological aspects of virtual team buildings with physical (but limited) gathering of team members. In such cases, we allow the creation of small groups of 10 people or less in an outdoor environment that easily allows a 2 meters social distancing between team members. That way, it can be possible to hold a team building event with many small teams that can be distributed all over the province, the country… or even the world!

Our tips for a successful virtual team building

For a successful virtual or hybrid team building activity, you first need to divide your staff into teams of 5 to 10 people. Thereafter, each employee will need:

  • A mobile device with a fully charged battery
  • A computer with a webcam
  • Sneakers
  • Headphones for the mobile device
  • Sunglasses or appropriate clothing… Because they will go outdoors!


Whether virtual or hybrid, our team buildings are structured as follows:

  • Presentation of a personalized “teaser” video which is sent to all participants a few days or weeks before the event. This helps to present the activity to come, but above all to generate enthusiasm on their part;
  • Familiarization period with the technology to be used during the team building. This can take place few days before or on the day of the event;
  • D-Day: The event is taking place, rain or shine. Since part of the activity will be held outdoors, participants will be warned that they will have to dress accordingly!
  • Post-event debriefing, collecting participant’s testimonies and sharing the highlights of the event by presenting a photo and video montage summarizing the best moments of team building. optional


Discover our virtual team building concepts


Take part in the Operation UV Experiment and help change the world! Divided into teams, you will be asked to collaborate – despite the physical distance – to take on many physical, intellectual and artistic challenges using various mobile technologies and sunbathing! The goal? To find the team that will have experienced the greatest improvement in its faculties… Find THE Super-Team!



This team building was designed for companies wishing to combine a team building activity with a charitable cause. The fate of the money raised for the charity is in the hands of the employees. A kidnapper holds the director hostage and threatens to torture him if the employees do not follow his demands. Will employees be able to find their manager in time? Will they recover the stolen money?



After centuries of tradition, productivity and excellence, the North Pole is totally paralyzed. The elves, which are usually happy, tireless and docile workers, have completely stopped working. Christmas is in peril. The highest authorities of Santa’s Kingdom are asking for your help! During this unusual recruiting camp, your work teams will be subjected to a stiff competition to find out which ones will be agile, smart and resourceful enough to save Christmas and make this celebration the planetary success that we all eagerly await.

THE RECRUITS is a brand new virtual team building concept created by Coeur à Ouvrage, which aims to bring you together despite the distance and make you live a different, captivating and hilarious adventure that will leave memorable corporate memories within your organization.